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Develop trend of hotel slippers in E-commerce Times

Due to booming development of tourism,hotel accommodation and hotel amenities,such as hotel slippers business open a vast vistas.Accordingly to the industry analysis,hotel slippers will develp upper creative and article,which give a tip to the industry,new ideas are become more important in product design and production.  
Express service derive from E-commerce,hotel slippers selling have to adopt this new change,old sales management fall behind.How to do?Sometimes if you want to purchase hotel slippers,only browse internet,move your finger,then two steps leave--selling and logistics.It's really different from traditional commercial mode,it might caused additional transport cost and food consumption etc.
1.e-commerce is gowning up,badly compacted traditional commerce,but at the same time bring more opportunities and challenges.Among the traditional companies,part of them join in e-commerce,on line-to-off line commerce.
2.We can't totally depend on the e-commerce.Some of the companies have enough confident in on line sales,let alone store sales.While some of the enterprises don't know on line sales at all,they are sure become passive in the market competition.But also who neglect store development,will lead to lose the challenge either,especially in hotel slippers business,which closely relate to complementary suppliers,off line trade still necessary.To avoid disparate development,both on line and off line e-commerce are important.
3.Ensure enough and stable supply.Hotel slippers have many different patterns,various styles and concentrated  supply in different wholesale markets.Due to the high rent,large invest etc,store wholesale are hard to provide full series products.Once supplier can't provide,one-stop supply is all talk.  
4.Conforming to industry trend and build up self-owned brand.In fierce competition,move forward,or you'll fall behind.In E-commerce,price transparency is visibility,price war and improve service weaken,but after sales services and brand strategy become crucial.Although brand-building is not a day,but without highlight its important,we will involve in the price malign competition and hurt again and again.
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