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How to improve hotel satisfaction in fierce competition

There are amount of hotels,although they could provide good price,or provide basically service,but among them,it's quite differents,how to be a international economic hotel.
In fierce competition atmosphere and higher standard service requiring,result in running cost increase,but hotel price hard to rise even reduce,in that case profit margin have slipped,the whole industry might enter meager profit era.How to hold customer's heart,the critical is move one's heart.There for,one hand elevate hardware equipments,another hand,rising your service quality,which might be neglect in hotel management nowerday,as parts of the boss believe once hotel's hardware equipments improved,there comes the customers.But sometime it doesn't work.So how to do?
There are some ways:
1.In premised on quality core service,give good service to fulfill customer's essential needs.Except that,provide personalize service.Let alone basic quality service seeking,lead to sacrifice the substance for the shadow.
2.Take customer's demand as a staring point.In market economy,take customer first,continually to search target market’s demand,"meet all right requirement"as a rule,is the way to win.Hotel management should really understand customer's demand,think what are wanting,and takes sincerity as base. 
3.In direction of hotel operation,we aim to equally well equipped with visitors commodation,elegant dinning environment,courteous and attentive services to each customer,having a demonstration of consumer value and quality service,which lead to achieve profit. 
4.Show up hotel's character,to identify,find and develop self strength,form it's character,personalize service always cause a profound and unique effect,which results achieved.So far,most of the hotels in the world are equipping individual services, they achieved customer growth.
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