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Share what will prepare before travel

I am the person who will prepare all before action,travel without plan is impossible,as it’s insecure.To my experiment,for packing,below are necessary:
Firstly,make a careful plan,the more through the better.Plan the travel route, calculate the cost and time.And extras should be reserved base on the budget,the sufficient preparation is for solve any accidences might cause in case and won’t effect your trip.
Plan your holiday and the suitable season.Where,who and sift what kinds of city you want to go,if you like sea go to the beach;If you like modern city go to the famous city;for food,of course go to food city.
The principle is limited the package,all are packed in small and neat,to leave enough space to place souvenirs and gifts.There are three keys:
1.firstly put the unnecessary,bigger one in luggage.
2.put towel in small gap.
3.make a list as per below:
1)documents:trickets(airport/train),passport,ID card,instruction letter,guide books,map,travel schedule,address book.
2)Small implements:mobile phone,camera,film,personal stereo,clock,flashlight,pen and paper,cosmetic,bathroom amenities,slippers,comb,toothbrush and toothpaste.
3)Necessary medicines. 
above mentioned are try to give all,please add or reduce base on your situation.
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